Future Speakers

April – Dave Roberts:  Topic – Fighting Infectious Diseases.  County Supervisor Dave Roberts will explain what the county is doing to prevent, detect, and combat communicable diseases ranging from salmonella and e. coli, to meningitis, measles, and Ebola.  Dave served as a health policy advisor to President George W. Bush and to President Barack Obama, earning national recognition for reducing costs and improving the delivery of Medicare, Medicaid and children’s health insurance coverage.

May – Jack Browsher:  Topic – Winning the Debate with the Republicans.  IBM’s former Director of Training, Jack Bowsher, will explain how the Party of Roosevelt, Johnson, and Clinton has helped America grow and prosper while exposing the irrationality of Republican arguments ranging from supply side economics to deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.  Mr. Bowsher gave a similar brief to the House Democratic Caucus.  During his 28-year tenure with IBM he oversaw a training budget that was just shy of $100 million a year.

June – Dave Edick: Topic – Coping with Putin the Terrible. Russian President Vladimir Putin has given new meaning to the term “Imperial Russia” with his invasion of Ukraine and Georgia, his threats to cut energy supplies to European nations if they cross him, and the Russian military incursion into the Syria conflict. Dave Edick, President of the San Diego World Affairs Council, will explain what is at stake with the West’s current conflict with Russia.  Mr. Edick was living in Russia when Vladimir Putin began his political rise and has followed his career as a KGB officer, Prime Minister, and President.

July – no meeting

August – Todd Gloria (San Diego city council and interim mayor):  Topic – Current city issues ($15 per hour minimum wage, homelessness, …)

September – Brian Maienschein:  An update from Sacramento

November – Carl Luna: What the Recent Elections Bode for the Future

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